Business delegation from the Republic of Pakistan have visited “Angren” FEZ


On April 15, 2019, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan, Mr. F. Sidikov, visited the “Angren” FEZ with a delegation of Pakistani businessmen. Pakistani businessmen specialize in the construction of hotel complexes, a network of fast-food restaurants, the creation of industrial compressors, the production of electronic microchips for mobile communication devices, the purchase of building materials, household appliances, as well as in the field of tourism, and others.

The main purpose of the visit is to get familiarized with the activities of the "Angren" FEZ, with its potential and opportunities for cooperation. The management of the "Angren" FEZ has made a presentation, showing the favorable investment conditions, benefits and preferences provided to investors of the FEZ, and also presented proposals on possible areas of cooperation in the framework of the activities of the "Angren" FEZ.

Along with this, the members of the delegation had the opportunity to get directly acquainted with modern manufacturing enterprises, to assess the quality of their products and the technological capabilities of enterprises, which in the future could become the basis for concluding joint contracts and forging partnerships.

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