The delegation of Russian company "EGIDA" is planning to create a production of polyurethane foam in “Angren” FEZ


On April 11, 2018 the delegation of the Russian company "EGIDA", headed by the director of production Mr. Dobrokhotov A. visited “Angren” FEZ.

During the meeting, a presentation was shown regarding the investment attractiveness of the “Angren” FEZ, as well as the opportunities and prospects of implementing an investment project in production of polyurethane foam (foam rubber) of various densities within the territory of “Angren” FEZ.

The group of companies "EGIDA" has been operating in Russian market since 1992 and is among the top three Russian suppliers of furniture fabrics, raw materials and materials for the furniture and automotive industries. Also, the company has two factories producing polyurethane foam in Russia and Kazakhstan.

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