Director of “Bumfa Group” LLC (Russia) visited “Angren” FEZ


On March 13th, 2018 in Directorate of FEZ “Angren” was held a meeting with the Director General of “Bumfa Group” LLC (Russia) Mr. Shebzukhov and discussed the possibility of implementation of investment projects in the territory of “Angren” FEZ.

During the meeting, Mr. A. Shebzukhov was made a presentation on investment opportunities and conditions created for doing business and investment activities on the territory of the “Angren” FEZ.

“Bumfa Group” LLC is engaged in the production of sanitary-hygienic and cosmetic products with an annual production turnover of $25.0 million. At the end of the meeting, the Russian side expressed an interest in expanding, together with “Asaka Cotton Impex” LLC, the production of cotton wool products and organizing the production of finished cosmetic products from hygroscopic cotton wool.

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