Chinese investors have visited Angren FEZ


On December 22, 2023, Chinese company “Liling Runleikang Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.”, led by Mr. Leo Liu, visited Angren FEZ to study the possibility of implementing an investment project in the FEZ.

The main goal of the delegation is to get familiarized with the activities and potential of the Angren FEZ, as well as to consider the possibility of implementing an investment project on the territory of the FEZ for the production of baby diapers. The guests got acquainted with the created investment conditions and the current benefits and preferences provided to FEZ investors.

“Liling Runleikang Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.” was established in 2011 and has been dedicated to the medical market, the sanitary diaper market, and has become one of the most famous manufacturers of baby diapers in China. The company's "Yommy & Jimmy", "Ohlala" and "Oops"  medical and baby diaper brands have grown as leading brands in Southeast Asia.

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