"Angren" FEZ continues to contribute to the deepening of localization of domestic production


On February 24, 2021, “Spunmelt” LLC became a member of the Angren FEZ and a certificate of the membership of Angren FEZ was issued.

"Spunmelt" LLC is planning to launch the production of non-woven fabrics in the 4th quarter of 2021 in the territory of "Angren" FEZ with an annual production capacity of 7.0 thousand tons of spunbond and multilayer polypropylene nonwoven fabric. The cost of the project is US $ 8.7 million and 30% of the planned production volume is intended for export. As a result of the project implementation, 75 new job places will be created.

Polypropylene of the “Ustyurt” Gas Chemical Complex will be used in the production of nonwoven fabric. Spunbond and multilayer polypropylene nonwoven fabric are widely used in the production of baby diapers, disposable wet wipes and medical masks, as well as in the furniture industry.

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