The opening ceremony of the Uzbek-Korean joint venture “UNG ENK Mobile” JV LLC was held in “Angren” FEZ


On December 20, 2018, within the territory of “Angren” FEZ (in Angren city), the opening ceremony of an enterprise for the production of mobile gas-filling accumulator stations - “UNG ENK Mobile” JV LLC was held.

The company’s investors are Korean companies “ENK Co., Ltd.” and “NK Co., Ltd.”, and from the Uzbek side “Neftegazinvest” LLC and “Uzneftmahsulot” JSC with an investment amount of 1.0 million US dollars. The production capacity of the enterprise is 192 units of mobile gas-filling accumulator stations, including 60 units planned for export.

Produced mobile gas filling stations are designed for mobile refueling of agricultural equipments, cars and remote settlements. The capacity of these mobile tanks is 5,330 cubic meters of natural gas, which in turn will give the opportunity to refuel more than 30 units of tractors or 150 units of passenger cars equipped with gas cylinders.

As a result, 63 workers will be employed at the enterprise, mainly from the population of city of Angren.

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