"MAXPRODUCT" JV LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich panels for walls and roofs in the country


“Maxproduct” JV LLC is a resident of “Angren” FEZ and today it is engaged in the production of sandwich panels with expanded polystyrene and basalt filler. The main goal of the company is to further improve the quality and reduce the price of products, which will allow construction companies to conclude more profitable contracts with the company. This means that an affordable price is one of the main advantages of choosing this building material.

The main advantages of sandwich panels are environmental friendliness, resistance to natural conditions, noise resistance, frost resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance. It should also be noted that these building materials can last up to 50 years if used correctly.

"Maxproduct" JV LLC expresses its readiness for mutually beneficial cooperation by providing customers with high quality services and products that are individually made for the customer with consideration of all the features of the project.

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