A new type of product has been launched in Angren FEZ


On August 30th, 2017 on the eve of the 26th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the modern and new production company JV LLC "National Ceramics" launched a new type of production - glazed ceramic tiles and glazed porcelain stoneware, with a production volume of 4.5 million sq/m per year.

An up-to-date technological line of the leading Italian company Sacmi Imola S.C. was acquired and installed by the investor for the production of tiles and stoneware in the territory of the former JSC “Rezinotechnika”, acquired at zero purchase value, with an obligation to make investments.

The total cost of the project is 21.1 million US dollars, with foreign direct investment amount of 20.9 million US dollars by the company "Gulf Cable Trading" (PRC).

The recently launched enterprise has created more than 80 new jobs, more than half of which was filled by graduates of different colleges of Angren.

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