An innovative project will be implemented in the Free Economic Zone "Angren"


An investment project for the production of synthetic zeolite by the “Intisoar Near” LLC has been approved for placement within the territory of Angren FEZ. The project cost is $11.1 million with an annual production capacity of 10.0 thousand tons of synthetic zeolite, including 30% intended for export. The commissioning of this project is planned in the 2nd quarter of 2021, as a result of which 75 new jobs will be created.

Synthetic zeolites are among the constituents of a new generation of detergents designed to effectively remove both Ca (calcium) and Mg (magnesium). With their help, the cleaning ability of washing powders and other detergents is successfully increased.

German and Italian technologies will be installed at the enterprise, using these technologies, synthetic zeolite will be produced from local kaolin and other additives. Currently, the production of synthetic zeolites is practically absent on the market of Uzbekistan. Products on the market belong to foreign manufacturers, mainly from Russia and China.

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