en Новости специальной индустриальной зоны "Ангрен" Новости специальной индустриальной зоны "Ангрен" http://fez.uz http://fez.uz/news/display/na-territorii-sez-angren-budet-sozdan-nauchno-tehnicheskiy-promyshlennyy-park-hebei-tashkent-science-and-technology-park The scientific and technical industrial park “Hebei Tashkent Science and Technology Park” will be created in the territory of the Free Economic Zone “Angren” http://fez.uz/news/display/na-territorii-sez-angren-budet-sozdan-nauchno-tehnicheskiy-promyshlennyy-park-hebei-tashkent-science-and-technology-park On November 9, 2019, the Directorate of the Free Economic Zone “Angren” held a meeting with representatives of the “Hebei Silk Road Industrial Park”, headed by the chairman of the board of “Hebei Cape of Good Hope Logistics Development Co., Ltd.” (PRC). During the meeting, the Directorate of FEZ “Angren& Tue, 12 Nov 2019 10:27:23 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/sostoyalos-torjestvennoe-otkrytie-sovremennogo-zavoda-po-proizvodstvu-kormovyh-dobavok-ndash-premiksov-na-territorii-sez-angren The grand opening ceremony of the modern plant for the production of feed additives - premixes was held in the territory of "Angren" FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/sostoyalos-torjestvennoe-otkrytie-sovremennogo-zavoda-po-proizvodstvu-kormovyh-dobavok-ndash-premiksov-na-territorii-sez-angren On October 9, 2019, in the “Angren” FEZ (the Akhangaran block), the grand opening of the modern plant for the production of feed additives - premixes on the basis of “AGRO SAMMIX” LLC took place. Premixes are vitamin and mineral feed additives that contain all the vitamins, micro and macro elements necessary for the anima Thu, 10 Oct 2019 18:36:31 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/delegatsiya-torgovo-promyshlennoy-palaty-shtata-melakka-malayziya-posetila-sez-angren Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of Melaka (Malaysia) visited the Angren FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/delegatsiya-torgovo-promyshlennoy-palaty-shtata-melakka-malayziya-posetila-sez-angren On July 8, 2019, a delegation from the representatives of the companies of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of Melaka (Malaysia) visited the Angren FEZ. The main purpose of the delegation is to get familiarized with the activities, potential and investment attractiveness of the Angren FEZ. The Head of the Directorate of the FEZ "Angren" acqu Tue, 09 Jul 2019 18:40:42 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/kazahskaya-kompaniya-ecoton-sharq-stalo-uchastnikom-sez-angren The Kazakhstan company “Ecoton Sharq” has become a member of “Angren” FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/kazahskaya-kompaniya-ecoton-sharq-stalo-uchastnikom-sez-angren On June 12, 2019, a foreign enterprise in the form of “Ecoton Sharq” LLC became a member of “Angren” FEZ. The foreign investor of the LLC is Kazakhstan company “OTAU-K” LLP with the volume of direct investments in the amount of 8.06 million US dollars. “Ecoton Sharq” LLC plans to start in the 3rd q Thu, 13 Jun 2019 19:04:29 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/administratsiya-svobodnoy-ekonomicheskoy-zony-inchhon-okajet-sodeystvie-v-effektivnom-razvitii-sez-angren Administration of the Incheon Free Economic Zone will assist in the effective development of the Angren FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/administratsiya-svobodnoy-ekonomicheskoy-zony-inchhon-okajet-sodeystvie-v-effektivnom-razvitii-sez-angren On April 17, 2019 the delegation of the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority, headed by its Commissioner, Mr. Kim Jin Yong, visited Angren to study and discuss issues related to the consign of management and operation of the Angren FEZ to the Incheon FEZ. The delegation got acquainted with the activities, potential and investment attractiveness Thu, 18 Apr 2019 13:29:04 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/delegatsiya-delovogo-kruga-respubliki-pakistan-posetila-sez-angren Business delegation from the Republic of Pakistan have visited “Angren” FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/delegatsiya-delovogo-kruga-respubliki-pakistan-posetila-sez-angren On April 15, 2019, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan, Mr. F. Sidikov, visited the “Angren” FEZ with a delegation of Pakistani businessmen. Pakistani businessmen specialize in the construction of hotel complexes, a network of fast-food restaurants, the creation of industrial compressors, the production of electronic microchips for Mon, 15 Apr 2019 17:12:18 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/zapuschen-novyy-veb-sayt-sez-angren-v-yujnoy-koree New website of “Angren” free economic zone has been launched in South Korea http://fez.uz/news/display/zapuschen-novyy-veb-sayt-sez-angren-v-yujnoy-koree In order to publicize widely the Korean business community about the investment opportunities of the Angren FEZ and attract them, the Korean company TENNG, a representative office of the Angren FEZ in Korea, has developed and launched a new website www.angrenfez.kr of the Angren FEZ in the Republic of Korea. With the help of the new web site, th Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:57:19 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/predstaviteli-yujnokoreyskoy-kompanii-daewon-co-ltd-posetili-sez-angren Representatives of the South Korean company "Daewon Co., Ltd." visited "Angren" FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/predstaviteli-yujnokoreyskoy-kompanii-daewon-co-ltd-posetili-sez-angren On January 19th 2019, a delegation of the South Korean company “Daewon Co., Ltd.”, headed by the company's general director, Mr. Bong Jun Kang, visited “Angren” FEZ to explore the possibility of implementing an investment project in the FEZ. The main goal of the delegation is to get familiarized with the activities, p Wed, 20 Feb 2019 19:07:50 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/rossiyskaya-kompaniya-bumfa-group-asia-stalo-uchastnikom-sez-angren The Russian company “BUMFA Group Asia” has become a participant of “Angren” FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/rossiyskaya-kompaniya-bumfa-group-asia-stalo-uchastnikom-sez-angren On February 1, 2019, “BUMFA Group Asia” LLC founded by “BUMFA Group” LLC (Russia), has become a member of “Angren” FEZ and has been issued a certificate of membership of “Angren” FEZ. “BUMFA Group Asia” LLC started the production of medical (hygroscopic) cotton wool in the territory of Fri, 01 Feb 2019 19:51:15 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/sostoyalos-torjestvennoe-otkrytie-uzbeksko-koreyskoe-sovmestnoe-predpriyatie-ung-enk-mobile-v-sez-angren The opening ceremony of the Uzbek-Korean joint venture “UNG ENK Mobile” JV LLC was held in “Angren” FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/sostoyalos-torjestvennoe-otkrytie-uzbeksko-koreyskoe-sovmestnoe-predpriyatie-ung-enk-mobile-v-sez-angren On December 20, 2018, within the territory of “Angren” FEZ (in Angren city), the opening ceremony of an enterprise for the production of mobile gas-filling accumulator stations - “UNG ENK Mobile” JV LLC was held. The company’s investors are Korean companies “ENK Co., Ltd.” and “NK Co., Ltd.”, Fri, 21 Dec 2018 10:30:00 +0500 News