en Новости специальной индустриальной зоны "Ангрен" Новости специальной индустриальной зоны "Ангрен" http://fez.uz http://fez.uz/news/display/sp-ooo-maxproduct-ndash-odin-iz-veduschih-proizvoditeley-sendvich-paneley-dlya-sten-i-krysh-v-respublike "MAXPRODUCT" JV LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich panels for walls and roofs in the country http://fez.uz/news/display/sp-ooo-maxproduct-ndash-odin-iz-veduschih-proizvoditeley-sendvich-paneley-dlya-sten-i-krysh-v-respublike “Maxproduct” JV LLC is a resident of “Angren” FEZ and today it is engaged in the production of sandwich panels with expanded polystyrene and basalt filler. The main goal of the company is to further improve the quality and reduce the price of products, which will allow construction companies to conclude more profitable contr Wed, 05 Aug 2020 11:35:49 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/pravo-eksklyuzivnogo-zakupschika-ao-uzmetkombinat-i-ao-uzvtortsvetmet-po-zagotovke-zakupke-loma-i-othodov-chernyh-i-tsvetnyh-met The right of the exclusive purchaser (monopsony) of JSC "Uzmetkombinat" and JSC "Uzvtortsvetmet" for the procurement (purchase) of scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals will be revoked http://fez.uz/news/display/pravo-eksklyuzivnogo-zakupschika-ao-uzmetkombinat-i-ao-uzvtortsvetmet-po-zagotovke-zakupke-loma-i-othodov-chernyh-i-tsvetnyh-met The Government portal has published (https://regulation.gov.uz/uz/document/19463) a draft of the Presidential Decree "On the abolition of exclusive rights, individual tax and customs benefits, preferences granted to individual business entities that negatively affect the competitive environment" This draft document provides: the abolition of mon Fri, 03 Jul 2020 18:43:41 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/v-sez-ldquo-angren-rdquo-budet-realizovan-innovatsionnyy-proekt An innovative project will be implemented in the Free Economic Zone "Angren" http://fez.uz/news/display/v-sez-ldquo-angren-rdquo-budet-realizovan-innovatsionnyy-proekt An investment project for the production of synthetic zeolite by the “Intisoar Near” LLC has been approved for placement within the territory of Angren FEZ. The project cost is $11.1 million with an annual production capacity of 10.0 thousand tons of synthetic zeolite, including 30% intended for export. The commissioning of this project Wed, 13 May 2020 11:13:37 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/direktsiya-sez-angren-okazala-pomosch-maloimuschim-semyam Дирекция СЭЗ "Ангрен" оказала помощь малоимущим семьям http://fez.uz/news/display/direktsiya-sez-angren-okazala-pomosch-maloimuschim-semyam В рамках инициативы Президента Республики Узбекистан Шавката Мирзиёева о создании общенародного движения «Доброта и поддержка», а также в связи с предстоящим священным месяцем Рамазан, Дирекция свободной экономической зоны «Ангрен» оказала помощь 11 малоимущим семьям в г.Ангрен, которые нуждаются в помощи в период пандемии к Thu, 23 Apr 2020 18:26:11 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/sotrudnikami-direktsii-sez-angren-prinyato-reshenie-o-dobrovolnom-perechislenii-odnodnevnoy-zarabotnoy-platy-v-obschestvennyy-fo The employees of the Directorate of “Angren” FEZ decided to voluntarily transfer one-day wages to the public fund “Charity and Health of Uzbekistan” http://fez.uz/news/display/sotrudnikami-direktsii-sez-angren-prinyato-reshenie-o-dobrovolnom-perechislenii-odnodnevnoy-zarabotnoy-platy-v-obschestvennyy-fo Currently, in Uzbekistan, representatives of all fields of activity are actively involved in the fight against coronavirus infection. In order to make their noble contribution against the spread of this pandemic, the employees of the Directorate of the Free Economic Zone "Angren" decided, as a gratuitous help, to voluntarily transfer the one-day wa Thu, 02 Apr 2020 22:25:41 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/poryadok-vozmescheniya-nds-dlya-investorov VAT refund procedure for investors http://fez.uz/news/display/poryadok-vozmescheniya-nds-dlya-investorov Dear investors, A draft of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, on approval of the Regulation “The procedure for the reimbursement of VAT paid by participants of special economic zones from the republican budget” has been published on the portal https://regulation.gov.uz/ru/document/16128 We invite you to an active discussi Tue, 31 Mar 2020 16:47:37 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/inostrannyy-investor-sez-angren-vnosit-svoy-vklad-v-borbu-s-rasprostraneniem-infektsii-koronavirusa-v-respublike-uzbekistan Foreign investor of "Angren" FEZ contributes to the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection in the Republic of Uzbekistan http://fez.uz/news/display/inostrannyy-investor-sez-angren-vnosit-svoy-vklad-v-borbu-s-rasprostraneniem-infektsii-koronavirusa-v-respublike-uzbekistan “Camel Group Co., Ltd.” (China), engaged in the processing and production of car batteries, within its capabilities, has sent humanitarian aid to the Republic of Uzbekistan in the form of 20,000 medical masks, reagents for PCR tests, mobile remote thermometers, protective medical overalls, and protective gloves. “Camel Group Co Mon, 30 Mar 2020 17:09:54 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/sez-angren-predostavlyaet-uslugi-v-rejime-onlayn "Angren" FEZ is providing investment related services on an "online" basis http://fez.uz/news/display/sez-angren-predostavlyaet-uslugi-v-rejime-onlayn "Angren" FEZ is providing investment related services on an "online" basis In pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 23, 2020 No. 176 “On additional measures to counteract the spread of Coronavirus infection”, from March 24th the Directorate of the "Angren" FEZ Wed, 25 Mar 2020 19:49:59 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/turetskaya-kompaniya-ersel-heavy-machinery-inc-posetila-sez-angren Turkish company "ERSEL Heavy Machinery Inc." has visited the "Angren" FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/turetskaya-kompaniya-ersel-heavy-machinery-inc-posetila-sez-angren On March 5, 2020, a meeting was held with the representatives of the Turkish company “ERSEL Heavy Machinery Inc.”, led by the CEO of the company Mr. Selahattin Gulbeyaz, at the Directorate of “Angren” FEZ. During the meeting, a presentation was shown to the guests about the investment opportunities and conditions created Mon, 09 Mar 2020 12:51:31 +0500 News http://fez.uz/news/display/chrezvychaynyy-i-polnomochnyy-posol-respubliki-kazahstan-posetil-sez-angren Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited “Angren” FEZ http://fez.uz/news/display/chrezvychaynyy-i-polnomochnyy-posol-respubliki-kazahstan-posetil-sez-angren On February 18, 2020 the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan, Mr. Satibaldi Darkhan Amangeldievich visited “Angren” FEZ. During the meeting, a presentation was shown reflecting the investment opportunities and conditions created for business and investment activities, as well as opportunities and prospects for the Tue, 18 Feb 2020 19:00:32 +0500 News