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"" - Uzbekistan resources catalog

Uzbekistan resources catalog

"" - Uzbekistan search engine

Search engine

Uzbekistan International Business Center (Tashkent City)

Description of conference halls, rooms and technical equipment. List of services provided

"Yellow Pages" - Yellow Pages – The Yellow Pages of Uzbekistan

Directory (addresses, telephone numbers) of enterprises, banks and other institutions of Uzbekistan regions

"The Golden Pages of Uzbekistan” – Guide

Information on enterprises operating in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

"Smetradecenter" - Smetradecenter – Company Directory

Companies and organizations of Central Asia, Catalog (the CIS)

"Emilia Baraka" - Emilia Baraka – Recruiting Agency

Staff recruitment, employment assistance. Methods of work. Cost of services. Vacancies

"HRC" - Recruiting Agency

Recruitment of permanent and part-time staff, HR consulting, corporate trainings, hot vacancies, etc.

"" - Home Personnel Agency

Resumes and vacancies database for home staff: baby sitters, tutors, drivers, house keepers

"ProfiStaff" - HR Agency

Staff recruitment, HR consulting, business trainings for sales and HR staff, psychological trainings

"" - Jobs in Uzbekistan

Vacancies and resumes database. Database search engine, possibility to place personal ads.

Uzbek-Japan Center for HR development

Business trainings, Japanese language courses. Courses description, news. Events ads. Contact information

"UzInfoCom" - Implementation of computer technologies

ICT market analysis and research services. Site development

"Tashkent City Telephone Network

Services: telephone communications, internet access, provision of dedicated channels

"Texnoprosistem" - Internet Service Provider

Dial-up and ADSL internet access. Web design

"ARS-Inform" - Internet Service Provider (Tashkent City)

Internet access, web design, hosting

"Sharq Telekom" - Internet Service Provider

Dial-up, ISDN and ADSL internet access, IP telephony, hosting

"UzNet" - Internet Service Provider

Dial-up and ADSL internet access, web sites development and hosting

"UzSciNet" Scientific and educational network of Uzbekistan

Information on the network, connection to the network, hosting, domain support, etc. Academic and scientific institutions pages

"" - Computer market of Uzbekistan

Free ads from producers and suppliers of IT equipment

"" - Drugstore portal of Tashkent city

Medicine and medical products search in the drugstores of Tashkent. Directory. Pharmaceutical vacancies and resumes

""- Food stuff delivery in Tashkent

Illustrated catalog of food and beverages, prices. Additional services

"Toshkent rielt" - Tashkent Real Estate Agency

Assistance in buying, selling, renting of accommodation, commercial and country real estate. Legal support of the deals

"" - Restaurant life of Tashkent

Restaurant catalog with photos, menu, contact information. Address and cuisine sort feature

"" - Tashkent Billboard

Billboard for cinema and theatres; concerts, parties and exhibitions schedules. Feedback

GS1 Uzbekistan Association

The international system of automatic identification and article numbering, bar coding, electronic transfer and data synchronization, RFID and more