Power Supply

There are 2 thermoelectric power stations (TPS) and 1 hydroelectric power plant (HPP):

  • JSC “Angren” TPS, with capacity of 369.0 million kW/hour;
  • JSC “Novo-Angren” TPS, with capacity of 5675.4 million kW/hour;
  • HPP “Akhangaran”, with capacity of 73.5 million kW/hour.

Currently, in accordance with the Resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, there are 2 projects being realized: 1) transfer of power units № 1-5 of the Novo-Angren TPS to year-round coal burning and modernization of the coal pit “Angrenskiy” (the total project amount is 213.7 million dollars), and 2) construction at the Angren thermal power station a high-ash coal burning unit with the capacity of 130-150 MW with thermal clamping selection (the project amount is 226.0 million dollars).

In addition, 10 projects for the total amount of 15.5 million dollars will be realized within the framework of the Programme of advanced development of transport, industrial and engineering infrastructure of the FEZ “Angren” for 2013-2015. Among them are the following:

  • Construction of a 35 kV transmission line from the project substation “ARK” to the substation “AKF”;
  • Construction of a substation “ARK” 110/35/10/6;
  • Major reconstruction of the low-voltage power line network 0.4-6-10kW;
  • Installation of unloading transformers and CPTSs (City Package Transformer Substations) within the existing networks;
  • Repair and upgrade of the existing substations;
  • Development of the electric power line networks 110/35 from the substation “Akhangaran” to the northern part of the industrial zone;
  • Reconstruction of the electrical networks of the industrial zones;
  • Construction of the substation “Sugar Mill” 110/35/6 kV (construction completed);
  • Construction of the power line 10/35 kV from the substation “Sugar Mill” to the substation “Akhangaran” (construction completed);
  • Upgrade of the substation “Akhangaran” 110/35/6 kV (replacement of 6 MVA transformers for 25 MVA) (upgrade completed).

To date three projects totaling $ 3.1 million dollars have been completed.

Implementation of these projects will ensure further improvement of the energy supply of the new and existing facilities, as well as of the population of the region.