Gas Supply

The Akhangaran-Pungan gas pipeline crosses the territory of the free economic zone, and all industrial sites are connected to the supply lines of high-pressure gas distribution networks.

The Akhangaran gas distribution station (GDS) built in the area in 2010 provides the pressure stability.

Also, the Programme of advanced development of transport, industrial and engineering infrastructure of the FEZ “Angren” for 2013-2015 provides for implementation of four projects worth around 3.5 million dollars aimed at further development of gas supply, including the following:

  • Construction of a jumper between the gas pipeline D-325 mm and the GDS “Angren” across the Akhangaran river;
  • Construction of a new high-pressure pipeline D-325 mm at the lower part of the industrial zone of Angren city from the 101st km of the highway A-373 Tashkent-Osh;
  • Reconstruction of the existing gas supply networks of high and medium pressure;
  • • Construction of a supply high-pressure gas pipeline of D-159 mm to the FE “Sugar Plant”

To date four projects for a total amount of 3.6 million dollars have been completed.

Implementation of these projects will ensure further improvement of gas supply of the existing and new enterprises.