The territory of the free economic zone “Angren” is equipped with the railway lines of total length of 95 km. There are 3 stations (Akcha, Angren, and Ablyk).

In 2010 a project on electrification of the railway section Tukimachi-Angren was completed, which reduced the shipment timing almost twofold and significantly cut the transportation costs.

Also, the Programme of advanced development of transport, industrial and engineering infrastructure of the FEZ “Angren” for 2013-2015 provides for implementation of two projects on development of the railway stations “Angren” and “Ablyk” for the total amount of 4.3 million dollars.

Besides the above said, in pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in July 2013 the GAJK “Uzbekistan Railways” started the construction of a new electrified railway line “Angren-Pop” of 129 kilometers in length, including a tunnel of 19.3 km of length. The railway will pass through the Kamchik Passage and by 2016 link the regions of Fergana Valley with the central part of the country.