The Land Allocation Order for the Residents of “Angren” FEZ

Land plots on the territory of special economic zones are allocated to the directorates of special economic zones on the right of permanent use and are at their disposal, with the exception of the territories of special industrial zones.

The residents of the FEZ are placed primarily on the base of idle, empty buildings, structures and construction-in-process building, including state-owned buildings and in territories that have an existing engineering infrastructure.





  1. Land plots in the volumes determined in investment applications approved by the decisions of the directorates of special economic zones are put up by the directorates of special economic zones for an electronic online auction
  2. The starting price of a land plot put up for an electronic online auction, as well as the amount of the annual rent for it, are determined by the decision of the khokimiyat of the Tashkent region upon considering investment applications

Within 1 business day from the date of registration of the company as a resident of FEZ


  1. Submits an application to participate in an electronic online auction.
  2. Takes part in the auction

1. Within 30 days

2. Within 1 day

State Unitary Enterprise "Center for the organization of electronic online auctions"

Sends one copy of the protocol about the results of the auction to the winner of the auction and one copy to the relevant Directorate.

Within 1 day


From the moment of receipt from the operator of the protocol on the results of the auction, he issues to the winner of the auction a decision to provide a land plot for a long-term lease.

Within 1 day

Directorate and Investor

Signs a land lease agreement

Within 3 days