Business Plan Requirements

The business plan submitted to the Directorate should contain the following basic information:

  • information about the company of the investor (applicant) or about its founders, their experience in the relevant field and in the implementation of a similar investment project;
  • the number of work force to be created, indicating the sources of recruitment (local - graduates of colleges, people sent by the labor agency, employees of other organizations and the recruitment of specialists from abroad);
  • the name, specification and planned volume of production;
  • the estimated prices and the sales market of manufactured products, indicating the supply volume to the domestic and foreign markets;
  • marketing research of domestic and foreign markets for the planned production;
  • availability of raw materials and guaranteed supply of raw materials for the period of operation of the project, with separate indication of local and imported materials and components;
  • calculations of the level of production localization and changes at the level of one of the first 4 digits in the commodity position of the final product according to the code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan (code HS of the foreign economic activity, version 2017);
  • logistics and transportation of necessary resources for producing final products;
  • necessary volumes and parameters of engineering and communication facilities (electricity, natural gas, drinking and technical water, sewerage, motorway) for the implementation of the investment project and the stable operation of production;
  • availability of industrial emissions, indicating the types and volumes of gases, solid and liquid wastes;
  • estimated sizes of required land plot for rational placement of production;
  • a preliminary layout of production location, indicating the location of the main production floor, equipment and production line, administrative buildings, warehouses and other additional premises;
  • description of production technology (with consideration of environmental requirements) with a list of equipments, manufacturers, suppliers and countries;
  • characteristic of production equipment, intended for use in production, as well as the management system used in the investment project that meets international standards;
  • estimated amount, type and period of investments, sources of financing and estimated deposit in case of borrowing a loan;
  • financial and economic calculations and indicators of economic efficiency of the investment project.