Business Plan Requirements

The Business plan to be submitted to the Directorate shall cover the following general provisions:

· planned product name, volumes and assortment;

· estimated prices and consumption markets for the goods produced, the volume of the export-oriented products;

· infrastructure and engineering facilities needed for the implementation of the proposed project;

· estimated area of the site in the territory of the FEZ “Angren” needed for the rational production dislocation;

· availability and assured supply of raw materials needed for the period of the project implementation;

· description of technology of the proposed production with due consideration of the environmental requirements;

· information on trademark to be used;

· calculation of economic efficiency and the most efficient project implementation solution in technical, organizational, and economic terms;

· volume and type of the planned investments, funding sources and planned collateral in case of attracting credit resources;

· the level of the production localization and changes in the product position of the final output in accordance with the code of the product nomenclature of the foreign economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan in comparison with the input raw materials at the level of one of the first 4 symbols;

· features of the technological equipment to be used for production, its conformity with the modern quality standards, availability of the quality management system based on the international standards;

· the number of new jobs created;

· the share of the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the headcount of the newly founded enterprise shall not be less than 95 per cent of the total headcount. The staff shall have the possibility to receive trainings and improve qualifications.