The Main Objectives of the FEZ “Angren”

The main objectives and activities of the FEZ “Angren” are as follows:

- to create an enabling environment to attract primarily direct investments in order to set up and efficiently operate modern high-tech industrial enterprises which will produce high added value and competitive goods for the domestic and world markets;

- to ensure an integrated and efficient use of resource potential of the region within the special industrial zone, to create new enterprises in the field of advanced processing of raw mineral resources;

- to enhance the localization processes in regards to production of high-tech products based on local raw materials by establishing strong cooperation ties and developing industrial cooperation between enterprises within the special industrial zone and the republic as a whole;

- to promote development and efficient use of transport, engineering, communications and social infrastructure; to advance further development and intensive use of the capacity of the Logistics Center “Angren” and the established system of road and container cargo transportation.