The following activities are prohibited on the territory of special economic zones:

  • production that does not meet environmental and labor protection standards;
  • production of weapons and ammunition; trade in weapons and ammunition;
  • production of nuclear materials and radioactive substances, trade in nuclear materials and radioactive substances;
  • production of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • rawhide processing, corral or slaughter of animals;
  • production of cement, concrete, cement clinker, brick, reinforced concrete slabs, products from coal, lime and gypsum;
  • processing, decomposition, burning, gasification, chemical treatment, final and (or) temporary storage and (or) burial of all types of waste underground;
  • placement of oil refineries, nuclear power plants, nuclear installations, radiation sources, facilities and facilities for the storage, disposal and processing of spent nuclear fuel, radioactive substances and waste, as well as other radioactive waste.

By decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, prohibitions and restrictions may be imposed on certain types of activities in the territory of special economic zones.